The definitions of copyright vary in different legal jurisdictions. Registered users can use the Discussion box below to discuss the contents of this page.

A commonly held belief seems to be that the translator retains the copyright for a translation until payment is received. Is this always the case? Use the discussion box to let us know!

If the case of copyright and translations is difficult to fathom, then translation memories, which are made up of a database and its content, taken from both source and target texts, have an even more complex relationship with copyright. Generally, the copyright for a database resides with its creator, but what about the fact that the documents that went into the database are under another party's copyright?

Asetrad Conference

In October 2007, the Spanish translation association Asetrad and FIT Europe held a meeting in Barcelona to try to clarify these questions. The report of this meeting can be found here: report-asetrad-2007.pdf

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