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Institute of Translation and Interpreting

The Infotech Network is the special interest group of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) for translators and interpreters working in the field of Information Technology. This wiki serves as the Network's website, and as a public repository of IT-related information that is of interest to translators and interpreters. This information covers such topics as Translation Memory and Computer Assisted Translation as well as other useful hints, tips and howtos. If you cannot find the article or information you require, please edit the request page to add your request for a new article.

Structure of the Infotwiki

The Infotwiki has a hierarchical structure, starting here, at the start page. You can see this structure in its entirety by clicking the Sitemap button on the right-hand edge of each page, or the Index button in the blue bar at the bottom of each page. At the top level of this structure are the three main areas of Infotwiki. These are Infotwiki itself, containing all of the useful information on this site, the wiki section which contains information on how to edit pages using the Dokuwiki system that powers Infotwiki and the playground section which acts as a sandbox, allowing you to try the editing functions out before editing a page for real.


You do not need to register in order to use the Infotwiki - it is completely open to the public. However, only members of the ITI Infotech Network are able to create and edit articles. The purpose of this restriction is to try to avoid spam and vandalism, so that the Infotwiki remains a useful resource for all. Unregistered users can always edit the request page to request an article on a specific topic.

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