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Membership of ITI Infotech Network is open to all members of ITI who work in the field of IT or who have an interest in IT. This page provides a list of Qualified Members (i.e. those who have obtained MITI or FITI status from ITI, by sitting an exam or submitting examples of their work for assessment), with links to their Infotwiki page, which may contain more information.

Daniel Alcaine-Rich

Paul Appleyard

Meike Beumers

Louisa Bird

Bill Chilcott

Iwan Davies

Ricardo Dell’Aera Dannemann

Gerald Dennett

Herbert Eppel

Michael Friedli

Ariella Germinario-Lingenthal

Philippa Hammond

Jean-Luc Hérin

Ana Luiza Iaria

Peter Johnson

Heidi Kerschl

Akagi Kobayashi

Sophie Lavarène

John Lewis

Catriona Lischka

Pamela Mayorcas

Kay McBurney

Myriam Paish

Marc Prior

Nick Rosenthal

Heike Saxer-Taylor

Rosemary Vandertop